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Pediatric Foundations

Building Skills For Life

We provide family and child centred occupational therapy & speech and language therapy services to support you through your child's developmental journey.

Whether you're needing support with starting solids with your baby, have a picky eater, or are wanting to build oral motor skills to better handle food orally, our occupational therapists can support you and your child to build the skills and confidence to achieve your goals.

Although we have a focus on feeding, often times there are other areas that can impact your feeding journey. As we believe in a well rounded and holistic approach to intervention, our occupational therapists are also able to support fine motor development, sleep, sensory processing, energy regulation, and social skills. 

Our Speech and Language Pathologists are able to support your child's development of verbal and non-verbal communication, understanding of language and directions, social skills, as well as speech sound production and clarity. 

Our Journey

Pediatric Foundations was born to fill a need in Calgary for client centred pediatric feeding support. Mealtimes are such an integral part of our day. We schedule our days around meals, we socialize over meals, and we spend time preparing and shopping for meals. So when a child can't eat, or seems like they won't eat, this creates a huge stressor for families. We're here to support you. 

We added speech and language therapy support services in 2023 as the next step in fulfilling our dream of offering multi-disciplinary and holistic support for children and families using a unified team approach. 

We believe that parents and guardians are an integral part of their child's progress and we strive to include them in all aspects of our practice. Your child will succeed with your support. We can help you find strategies and techniques that fit in your everyday schedule. 


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